Cassette Awnings

Cassette awnings are an enclosed awning with the roller, fabric cover and arms all protected and stored in a closed cassette when the awning is retracted. It is an awning that is stylish and functional and has the added benefit of keeping the awning stored and protected in a secured enclosure while not in use.

This type of awning is a wonderful choice in an awning that will experience harsh weather ailments, as the awning can be retracted and tucked into a safe cassette through even the worst snow, rain or wind. With the protection of the cassette, it is an awning that can stay in great condition year after year.

Cassette Awnings are offered in:
• Chain Driven
• Gas Piston

They are an ideal choice for a deck covering, especially one that is exposed to the sun most of the day. A cassette awning can be easily extended or retracted at the hours of the day required to maximise the views while keeping the decking, as well as its occupants protected from the harsh sun. Cassette shades will also offer a shade protection to the inside of the home, keeping the glaring sun off the glass windows.

Cassette awnings are ideal for residential and commercial property owners that are looking for a durable shade protection that will offer the comforts of luxury while enjoying their property outdoors.

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