Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are built-in window furnishings that provide an elegant finished look to a window for any home or business. Plantation shutters may be installed either internally or externally, all depending on the requirement. Internal plantation shutters are chosen when the focus is on creating an interior design statement. External shutters are selected when the primary purpose is light control, air movement control, and privacy, although all of these factors are benefits of interior shutters as well.

Plantation shutters, unlike blinds and shades, do no lift or raise up and down. They are made with slats that are mounted on a solid frame. The slats can be tilted in an open position, allowing light and air to flow through, they can also be partially tilted upward or downward to Modify Light and air flow, or can be tilted to a fully closed position, blocking out light, air, and temperature.

Plantation Shutters Sydney

Designed for Durability

Australia is known for its rather unruly and unpredictable weather, which is why finding high quality shutters is important. All our products are manufactured to high standards, specifically for Australian conditions. We design and install our shutters with consideration for a multitude of different weather conditions and environment requirements.

The most important factors when designing a plantation shutter is the shape of the window and the size of the window. At Plantation Shutters Australia we take into consideration that every home or business is different, every window has a different, shape, size and style. Depending upon the shape of the window, Plantation Shutters Australia may have certain unique designs and functionality factors. For example, if the window is arched, the top section may have louvers designed in a “fan” style. If a curved shutter is designed with horizontal slats, some of the uppermost slats may be in a fixed position. We take into consideration that the ultimate design of a plantation shutter depends upon many factors.

When designing and manufacturing our plantation shutters we ensure that they include beauty, light management, insulation and airflow control. The durable construction of our quality plantation shutters means they are perfectly suited to the harsh Australian conditions, they can withstand any wind, rain and intense Australian sun. Our Plantation Shutters are built from top quality materials and are guaranteed to provide years of trouble free functionality.

There are a wide variety of additional custom features to select from when ordering plantation shutters. For example, light strips additions can be installed at the edges of your shutters to limit the amount of extra light from entering along the sides of the shutters. Another customization involves having the hinges installed into grooves, so that they are recessed into the frame of the window. This customization reduces the amount of space between the window frame and the edge of the shutter.

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A wide range of Designs

Our Plantation Shutters are available in a range of materials and a vast selection of colours, designs and styles we have endless options for you to choose from to complete the look you desire for your home or business. We also guarantee when designing your plantation shutters we ensure that the design is both aesthetically pleasing internally and externally.

With our adaptable plantation shutters you will never have to choose between comfort and appearance again, because at Plantation Shutters Australia we manufacture plantation shutters that are both versatile and attractive for any home or business in Australia. Our plantation shutters s are designed to fit a range of atmospheres and environments and also give maximum protection and privacy.

Whether you are looking to create a chic modern aesthetic or a rustic country style feel for your home or business Plantation Shutters Australia have a wide variety of styles, colours and architectural designs to choose from. The options are endless when it comes to furnishing your windows with Plantation Shutters Australia. Furnishing windows all throughout Australia we have built a reputation for ourselves when it comes to providing a wide selection high quality shutters.

There are many variations to the design and construction of plantation shutters and at Plantation Shutters Australia we can do them all. We can add that extra wow factor to any bathroom, kitchen or restaurant with our range of custom designed shutters. We want to ensure that you are given exactly what you are looking for when it comes to shutters that are durable, functional and aesthetically attractive.

Plantation Shutter Sydney

Plantation shutters are popular choice when it comes to window furnishings due to their versatility and are not as costly as custom draperies, and can also increase the value of your home. They are the only window furnishing that can be financed into the purchase of your home because they are highly desirable and usually stay with the home when it’s sold. We provide Aluminium Shutters also

As one the most experienced Plantation Shutters in Australia we are the experts you can rely on when it is time to buy Plantation Shutters. Our high quality plantation shutters is just one more reason to call us and see why we are the leaders in plantation shutters. So don’t wait any longer, call us today at 1300 254 973 to receive the best quality shutters for your home or business.