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We all know how relentless the weather in Australia can be. Wind, UV rays and rain can have a harmful effect on your windows. Intense sun rays and heat may even cause discolouration and damage to the furniture inside of your property. For shutters that can withstand any element that Mother Nature throws at it, whether it be rain, hail, sun and wind Plantation Shutters Australia provide the toughest and most durable shutters in Australia.

At Plantation Shutters Australia we give you a wide variety of shutters to choose from including fixed, hinged, sliding panels, double-hinged, and bi-fold  to suit your particular Window Furnishing needs. Our shutters are suitable for any environment whether you need to furnish you bathroom, kitchen or living room no matter the requirement our shutters can meet your needs.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters Sydney ?

Our shutters are an effective way of preventing solar heat increase in your home or business by stopping the heat before it reaches the glass. With our top quality shutters you are now able to block the sun and the impact it has on your interior yet still giving your home or business a stylish appearance.

At Plantation Shutters Australia we provide block-out shutter blades for internal shutters, aluminium inserts for wider panels and accessories to reduce light seepage. With Plantation Shutters Sydney you can enhance the value of your sweet home with quality shutters.

With our large of variety of designs and different structures in stock we are able to find a plantation shutter to suit your Australian home or business and provide you with what you are looking for in our products. Our selection of shutters provide uninterrupted views and cool breezes yet still protect you and your home from the cold rain or intense heat.
At Plantation Shutters Australia we only work with the highest quality materials that guarantee a long life durability. We have a wide range of shutters that can be applied to any atmosphere, our selection of shutters include Aluminium Shutters, Poly Shutters and Timber Shutters.

Our Shutters are suitable for all different shaped windows, including round and triangular shapes. Adding one of our durable plantation shutters to your Australian home or business is the perfect shading solution to your shading needs. Our shutters are both modern in décor and protect your family and friends from the harsh Australian sun.

With the highest quality Plantation shutters, Aluminum Shutters, Poly Shutters and Timber Shutters for both residential and commercial buildings throughout Australia and a vast collection of designs, colours and styles, our shutters are able to provide the best solution for you when it comes to styling your home or business and providing shade.

This type of top quality service and products is why Plantation Shutters Australia have become a trusted and dependable company when it comes to servicing Australian homes and meeting their shade requirements.

Create a sophisticated and chic look and enhance the value of your home with top quality shutters. We offer internal shutters in a variety of styles, designs and colors. Our shutters are durable and inviting and look better than any other kind of window dressing.

At Plantation Shutters Sydney we manufacture Australia’s most popular brand of custom made shutters. Our shutters are not only stylish, chic and affordable but also provide the ultimate protection from the elements. Whether you need protection from the heat, cold, wind or rain we will be able to help you find the right shutters to furnish your windows.

If you are looking into furnishing your windows with top quality durable shutters then you have come to the right place. With a wide selection of different aluminium Shutters, Poly Shutters and Timber Shutters we service throughout Australia, you can be sure that our services are accessible to you. We are renowned for our outstanding service and affordable prices and pride ourselves on providing long lasting, high Quality Shutters for everyone in Australia.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Plantation Shutters Australia we are a reliable and dependable company that provides top quality customer service, along with chic and durable shutters. We are a customer focused company ensuring you get the best quality products from aluminum shutters to wood shutters.

When you are looking for an affordable and stylish shutter that provides uncompromising quality and durability than Plantation Shutters Australia are the experts to turn to. We offer a vast collection of shutters including aluminium shutters, poly shutters and timber shutters designed to suit a range of atmospheres and shading requirements for any window.

At Plantation Shutter Sydney we provide free home visits to all of our customers so that they can access quotes for our top quality shutters any time, without ever having to visit our store, making it extra convenient.
We understand how difficult it can be to find a suitable shutter that incorporates quality, style and affordability in Australia. We want to make sure that we can provide our customers with quality products in both style and performance at an affordable price. By combining unbeatable prices and the highest quality products we are the leading company in Australia when it comes to plantation shutters, wood shutters and aluminum shutters.

At Plantation Shutters Australia we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality service, applying our expertise and knowledge to assist you in choosing the perfect shutter for your home or business. We’re Australia’s most trusted shutter provider.

We specialise in providing you with the highest quality custom designed window shutters to suit any Australian home. We want to give our customers the very best quality and service to ensure that you get exactly the right look and feel for your home or business.

At Plantation Shutters Australia we pride ourselves on providing our customers with only the very best quality and service to ensure that you get exactly the right look and feel for your business or home. We don’t believe that protection from the harsh Australian climates needs to come at an outlandish price. This is why we have set fair prices for our top quality Shutters.

Our goal is to supply a top quality product that compliments the style of your home or business. We want your experience at Plantation Shutters Australia to not only be rewarding at the end but want you to feel safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a quality shutter which is strong and durable and built to withstand the tough Australian conditions.

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